The cast take a bow during their performance of Unspoken at the Theatre Royal Newcastle, November 2017

What was Unspoken?

Unspoken was a yearlong theatre project designed to engage all Bravo 22 company alumni in the creation of a new play about the implications of war to be performed on Remembrance Sunday in Newcastle upon Tyne. It formed part of the Royal British Legion’s 2017 Campaign of Remembrance. The project was launched in the House of Commons in January 2017.

16 Bravo 22 Company alumni successfully auditioned to perform in the play and share their stories with writer Gary Kitching. A high quality piece of theatre was created which provided a platform for their voices to be heard.

Who did it benefit?

Unspoken benefitted 101 members of the WIS community. Not only did it provide a safe and encouraging environment to share their stories, it gave a voice to those 25 participants cast to perform in the play and supporting film. The cast shared their stories with a public audience of 1,250 people, providing a stimulus for conversation and greater understanding of the implications of war to those who remain at home and those who return home.

What has it achieved?

Unspoken was performed at the Theatre Royal Newcastle on November 12th 2017 to a full house.

The production was incredibly successful in providing a recovery pathway and increasing the wellbeing of those who participated. MP Chi Onwurah stated that the performance was “deeply moving and an important vehicle to provide empathy and understanding among society.”

We are thrilled to announce that due to the success of its debut in Newcastle in November 2017, the production will be going on tour across the U.K. in Autumn 2018. The tour will open in Edinburgh in August 2018 before heading to theatres in Birmingham, Liverpool and London.

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“Bravo 22 Company is a project I have been involved with since it began in 2011 and see the success of its original production, ‘The Two Worlds of Charlie F.’ I am delighted that due to this success it now delivers theatre and arts projects around the country to benefit the recovery of wounded, injured and sick service personnel, veterans, reservists and their families. I have met all the cast of Unspoken and know the production on Remembrance Sunday will be a great success.” – Ray Winstone

Cast members Matt Wightman, Larraine Smith and Luke Delahunty take a break from rehearsals

Larraine Smith shares her story on stage at the Theatre Royal Newcastle