Blesma Community Programme

Making Generation R

Resilience through Inspiration

What is Making Generation R?


Learning to be resilient can make a big difference to young people that struggle with feelings of anxiety and low self-esteem. One of the most effective ways to encourage resilience is through inspiration from others who have overcome difficulties in their lives.

That’s why the Making Generation R: Resilience through Inspiration campaign supports injured veterans to take their inspiring stories about overcoming adversity to schools across the U.K. Secondary school students listen to an inspirational story from a member of Blesma, The Limbless Veterans, which is then used as a basis for discussing adversities young people are facing day to day – such as exam stress, social media pressures, family challenges – and how these can be dealt with. These workshops encourage empathy, openness and honesty about difficulties young people face, and hopes to equip students with practical coping strategies to help deal with them.

By July 2019, over 50,000 young people and first responders will have benefitted from a FREE resilience workshop.

Who does it benefit?

In March 2019 the government announced that health education (physical and mental wellbeing) will become compulsory for pupils of all ages from September 2010.

In today’s pressured environment, becoming more resilient and being able to adapt well in the face of adversity is increasingly important. Through the talks and workshops, young people can really understand what it is to face adversity and learn resilience, identifying suitable coping mechanisms for their own challenges they may be facing.

All Blesma Members are trained in storytelling by theatre professionals and learn to tell their inspiring story with maximum impact. All workshop bookings, although free for the participating schools, are in fact paid employment opportunities for the Blesma members. They also translate well to further public speaking engagements, job interviews and overall confidence.

What has it achieved?

Since it’s launch in 2016, we have trained nearly 50 Blesma members as storytellers and inspired over 40,000 young people across the U.K. The programme was a finalist for a Sun Military Award in 2016. Now it its fourth year, our goal for July 2019 is to have inspired over 50,000 young people and first responders across the U.K.

“Several very difficult students were totally engaged. The first day of workshops inspired a great deal of conversation both at social times, as well as at home – parents kindly let us know. The emphasis on not giving up, to persevere, to have ambitions and to try hard was invaluable.” – Teacher from a participating school

Blesma members David & Nerys and professional workshop facilitator Owain work with students at a school in Kent

Our exceptional trainers: Kate Beales, Clare Murphy, Al Nedjari and Phil Peacock

“The Making Generation R programme changed everything. As soon as you do a talk at a school and they tweet about the talk and the feedback is so humbling. The schools where kids are having real troubles… that’s the most satisfying. We are changing not just Blesma members’ lives but young peoples’ lives. I am now in full time employment, I look forward… I arrange outings. I am arranging a trip to Snowdonia challenge, I do my talks and I am taking ten guys to India next year.”
– Stewart Harris, Blesma member, trained storyteller and workshop facilitator