Transformational Training


Our training is creative, innovative and vibrant. Our passionate team design and deliver transformative training workshops, allowing participants the opportunity to make positive changes, open their minds to new ways of approaching challenges and how to overcome them.

Stewart Hill

Unique and Creative

What makes us unique is combining our training workshops with inspirational speakers.

“The impact The Drive Project had on the whole team was phenomenal”
Senior Director, FTSE 100 Company

Our speakers, who have been hand picked from our creative projects, tell their inspiring stories which link into the theme of the workshop to emotionally engage with their audience, break down barriers and create a relaxed and safe environment for sharing and learning.

The honest, emotional and funny delivery of the talks naturally draw out comparisons for audience members on a personal and emotional level, and also vitally, a business one.

This is a unique and creative way of engaging with your staff.

These talks and accompanying training are in direct response to what a business identifies as their needs, take place in a vibrant and creative atmosphere. Our mains areas of training are within Communication, Leadership, Change and Transformation and Resilience.

Our trainers are theatre directors and specialists in communication training and combine their experience and skills with practical exercises, personalized feedback underpinned by key behavioural models.

Darren Swift

“Darren’s talk was truly inspirational, his energy through out kept the whole audience captivated. Resulting in a standing ovation from our audience”
Dan Brown, Consortium Advisor to Business Leaders

Businesses can use our unique talks and training on their own, as part of away days or conferences or within training programmes to bring together and motivate individuals and teams.

“It was perfectly pitched and brilliantly delivered, and having shared in their stories we have also been brought closer together as a team”
Senior Director, FTSE 100 Company

Client Case Study

Our client’s extensive review and business-wide transformation project highlighted the need to make the marketing team more agile, efficient and change the way they worked.

At the annual conference for the senior management they wanted to focus on this, explore different and innovative ways of doing business and ensure change occurred.

In order to fully captivate their employees the company devised a dynamic conference agenda, which included using for the first time non-banking external speakers, three of The Drive Project’s speakers.

Our talks were inspirational, drew out the objectives and key themes that the business wanted to get across and due to the speakers natural and honest delivery had an emotional impact on each audience member, which is vital for change to happen.

“The honesty and horror of what they have each been through was perfectly balanced with the resilience, bravery and great humor that they all brought to their stories and they touched every single person in that room.”
Head of Marketing, FTSE 100 Company

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our inspirational talks provide flexible and meaningful employment to the creative project participants, many who are unable to undertake full time employment. All of our profits go back into our business to fund new Creative Projects.

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