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Storytelling Training

Storytelling is an important communication tool in any organisation. Our award-winning storytelling training focuses on WHY you need a powerful story in business and HOW you can craft a story that impacts your audience. 


In this interactive session, or series of workshops, you will work alongside a professional storytelling trainer. Together you or your team will develop your story. You’ll finesse its composition, form, narrative arc and achieve a clear understanding of how and why your story will impact your audience.


These sessions are all about working with a professional storytelling trainer to develop your public speaking skills. Working either as an individual or in a group, we will give you the technical performance tools you need to communicate with your audience.

We also offer storytelling training in the following areas:

  • Sales performance
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Leadership & confidence
  • Difficult conversations
  • Team cohesion in a virtual world
  • Dealing with change
  • Rebuilding teams in crisis
  • Negotiation & influence skills
  • Virtual presenting skills

Storytelling training for Caffe Nero

Whether you’re in commerce, government or on the nation’s front line, get in touch to discover how our storytelling training can help your business.

Inspirational Speakers

Are you looking to inspire and motivate your audience at an upcoming event? Would you like your conference, away-day or awards dinner guests to hear a story that leaves a lasting impact?

We work alongside a diverse group of professionally trained speakers whose stories of overcoming adversity, facing prejudice and the importance of mental resilience are so powerful and uplifting, that they motivate audiences of any size.

We know our speakers and their stories well, so get in touch and we can find the right person to help meet your event’s objectives.

Session structure:

      • Introduction by The Drive Project host    (5 mins)
      • Inspirational Talk by guest speaker    (20-35 mins)
      • Q&A facilitated by The Drive Project host    (20 mins)

 “The session was a breath of fresh air – hard to listen to such a deeply emotional story, but incredibly inspiring to hear how resilience has played out in his daily life.”

Facebook employee

Si Harmer, Speaker for The Drive Project

Jacob Perlmutter, Film Production for Veterans Work: The Films

Podcasts & Films

Are you interested in launching a successful podcast? Do you need an impactful film for your campaign?

We work with a brilliant team of producers, directors, researchers and musicians to develop, produce and deliver engaging podcasts and powerful films.

Our love for storytelling means we’re always striving for the best possible creative product that has a clear message and a lasting impact on its audience.

Our previous projects include; Veterans Work: The Films and The Podcast, The Resilience Sessions podcast and a podcast project that’s currently in production the NHS.

Arts Recovery & Wellbeing

Are you a charity whose beneficiaries would benefit from a creative experience?

We have been using art and theatre as a wellbeing and recovery tool for people who have faced extreme difficulties such as veterans, NHS staff and charities for over 10 years. We know how hard it can be to talk about challenging experiences and taking part in a creative workshop such as clay modelling, performance skills or wire sculpture can offer another way to express yourself.

Our work is overseen by a psychologist who provides supervision for the team. These recovery and wellbeing programmes are independently evaluated and are proven, among other benefits, to increase the confidence, self-awareness and motivation of those participating. Evaluations are available on request.

“The course gave me confidence in communicating and taught me a lot about art which has helped me relax and cope better.”

Participant on a Bravo 22 Company course, 2021

Sculpture workshop for Bravo 22 Company