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Case Studies

Storytelling Training

Jacob Perlmutter, Storytelling Training for Making Generation R

“This project has been an incredible journey and so fulfilling for all of us, no exceptions. It has given me the skills and confidence to present to groups. I have a real feeling of being able to give back and help others now too.”

Participant, 2021


The challenge

Back in 2016, Blesma, The Limbless Veterans charity asked us to help upskill their members and provide them with the opportunity for them to give back to their local communities. We designed a unique storytelling training programme which improved the confidence, self-awareness and motivation of the Blesma members.

The Drive Project founder Alice Knight-Driver says of the programme: “The ability to tell your own story can be incredibly therapeutic and liberating. Knowing some of the Blesma members’ stories, I knew that the answer to Blesma’s challenge was simple. Bring together a talented group of theatre directors, professional Storytellers, actors and trainers, whom I had met whilst working in theatre and through my personal development work, and upskill the Blesma member to become a storyteller. I knew that by empowering the Blesma member to tell their story of resilience, without slides or notes, bring it to life and capture, stimulate and inspire their audiences, would have a transformational impact on their confidence and self-awareness.”


The results

Over the last 6 years, we have trained up over 94 members of Blesma to share their story with impact and power to over 125,000 young people, frontline workers and military communities across the world. Many of the men and women we have trained are now well known in their communities having built relationships with local schools, youth groups and hospitals, with some achieving national press coverage through their story.

All of the Blesma Members we have trained have gone on to achieve success; whether in public speaking, competitive sports, transitioning into the civilian workplace, rebuilding personal relationships or having overcome addiction. 

In 2021, 100% of all participants testified to the training being effective in developing communication skills and 98% felt they had improved their confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness. The programme is professionally evaluated every year and is now in its 7th year.

Inspirational Speaker

Pa Njie, Speaker for The Drive Project

“The talk on ‘resilience and not taking no for an answer as nothing is impossible’ hit precisely the right spot and was a highlight of the evening for all our attendees. I’d thoroughly recommend this as a fantastic addition to any corporate event.”

Michele Crossman, Principal Consultant and Catalyze Armed Forces Champion


Catalyze Ltd are a boutique strategy consultancy who specialise in helping their clients make the right decisions using their expertise in strategy, decision-making and methodologies, portfolio prioritisation and delivery, understanding data and engaging people.

In October 2021, Catalyze celebrated their 20th anniversary and hosted a celebration networking evening for their past and present colleagues, clients and friends. As an Armed Forces Covenant signatory, it was important to Catalyze that their event showcased their support for the military, veterans and Armed Forces charities.
We provided an incredible suitable speaker for their event, who shared their powerful & uplifting story of overcoming adversity and left a lasting impression on the guests.



Podcast Production for Veterans Work: The Podcast

‘Over the course of the past 5 years I have engaged and worked directly with Alice and her team at The Drive Project. The team have supported our #VeteransWork initiative and from the very start of our relationship I have been simply blown away with the creativeness of thought, enthusiasm, professionalism and network that the Drive Project has been able to deliver in support of #VeteransWork.

Alice and team’s ability to take a brief, our messages and narrative and then visually create such impactful material on a national basis has been second to none.

Our relationship with The Drive Project has developed significantly over the years and is one centred on a unique level of trust and creative ability, when seeking production support I will always go straight to Alice and Drive Project and I genuinely look forward to the next time we get the opportunity to work together. Thank you!!’

Chris Recchia, Partner, Deloitte


Deloitte, together with Forces In Mind Trust and the Officers Association, produced a report highlighting some of the challenges faced by UK veterans when entering employment. We were asked to bring the 68-page report to life and raise awareness of this important issue for UK employers.

We created a campaign focused around unlocking the hidden talent within our society that would not only highlight the key messages from the report, but ensure that they were communicated to the target audience of business owners and hiring managers across the UK, in an accessible and engaging way.

We designed and produced a fresh and creative series of bitesize content that encompassed 3 films for YouTube, a live debate event and a podcast, all supported by a social media campaign.

Arts Recovery & Wellbeing

Reparation Island by Bravo 22 Company

“The length of our working relationship is testament to the quality of the arts recovery & wellbeing programme that The Drive Project continues to produce for us year after year. The creative opportunities given to the veterans and their family members are fantastic, from fine art and sculpture to scriptwriting and performance skills – there is something for everyone. But it’s the lasting positive impact the programme has on our beneficiaries’ confidence, self-awareness and motivation that is invaluable… for some, it has been life-saving.”

Paul Flood, Head of Recovery Services, The Royal British Legion


For the last 10 years we have worked in partnership with The Royal British Legion, to create an extensive annual programme of art and theatre workshops for their beneficiaries. Bravo 22 Company runs creative experiences all across the UK for wounded, injured or sick members of the Armed Forces and their families. Throughout this programme, we use the arts as a vehicle for improving their confidence, self-awareness and motivation to support their recovery journey and transition into civilian life. For many, joining a Bravo 22 Company workshop has been life-changing. Bravo 22 Company is overseen by a psychologist and is also independently evaluated.

Now in its 11th year, Bravo 22 Company is recognised as an exemplary model for arts recovery and wellbeing. Our ambassador is Ray Winstone provides so much support and encouragement. Influential figures from the world of theatre and the arts have been getting involved, with Sir Alan Ayckbourn spearheading a scriptwriting competition, Dame Harriet Walter running a theatre skills workshop and Sir Michael Morpurgo in a live conversation with the Bravo 22 Company members.

But what makes Bravo 22 Company, are the members. A group of incredible people who have put their trust in us and in the arts, to give them confidence, self-awareness and motivation for the future.

“Being a part of Bravo 22 Company has helped me with my PTSD issues, especially with my isolation. They way Bravo 22 has brought together a group of strangers into friends is priceless.”

Bravo 22 Company member, 2021