What makes us unique, is our approach.


The science behind our storytelling training.

Our storytelling training method is tried and tested. We know it works. But if you’re curious to know a bit more about the science behind why storytelling training works…. let us explain. 

When did you last hear a story – and how did it make you feel? It will have made you feel something, because human beings are hardwired to respond to stories. They grab our attention. They make us laugh and cry and gasp in amazement.

How does this happen? Neuroscience shows us that stories affect changes in the chemistry of our brains and bodies. When we listen to dry data, only the language centres in our brains light up – but a story lights up the parts of the brain connected to actual experience. When we tell a story, our audiences feel what we feel, and see what we see.

Why should this matter at work? Because a powerful story can influence, move and change us. A compelling narrative with emotional impact helps us focus, and retain information – stories stay with us long after we’ve forgotten a list of facts (one LBS study suggests that we retain up to 65-70% of information through storytelling and only 10% through data alone).

Stories generate empathy. We relate to characters in a story because our brains release oxytocin, the hormone primarily concerned with empathy and emotional connection. And powerful stories light up the same parts of the brain in both speaker and listener – a “neural coupling” that fosters empathy, mutual understanding, collaboration and trust.

Stories can be catalysts. Energy, ideas and solutions are often released by imaginative and creative thinking which takes us outside the box.

Stories are not just words. They open doors, overcome fears, build teams and create shared futures. Great leaders know this. Leaders are changemakers, trailblazers and influencers –they inspire trust and generate action. They share emotion, vulnerability and vision – highly desirable leadership attributes, particularly in the digital age, where communication and self-reflection have been identified as two of the most valued leadership skills. As Noel Tichy of the University of Michigan Business School says:



“Leadership is about change… It’s about taking people from where they are now to where they need to be. The best way to get people to venture into unknown terrain is to make it desirable by taking them there in their imaginations.”

Our Approach

There’s no ‘off the shelf’ product.

Our storytelling training is completely bespoke to every organisation we work with. We feel that this is really important because every company and their people, are all completely unique.

We listen to what you or your team needs and create a programme that is totally bespoke to you, that has been designed for your exact needs. This may be a one-off session or a series of workshops, it might be for an individual, team or the whole business. We work in an agile way, ensuring what we put together continues to work for you as the training evolves.

“I strongly recommend The Drive Project, and the remarkable people that it works with, to organisations that want to inspire, motivate and educate their people.”

Director, PWC