Creative Projects

We work with Charities to design creative projects to inspire, empower and aid the recovery of their beneficiaries.

We draw upon our expertise within the Arts to design innovative, impactful projects that not only boosts confidence and self esteem of the individual but raises awareness of their cause and the charity to the public.

Through our partnerships with charities we have helped, supported and unlocked the potential of hundreds of their beneficiaries.

Case Studies

“I was at a point, of being at home for so long, you know, I thought bugger it, put me down for an acting role then, cause I just need to do something with myself, to be out, taking part in something. It was a desperate point in my life”
Project Participant Feedback

“I have come away from it and I feel a lot better in myself. I’m more motivated now. If I wanted, I feel I can achieve more, so I am going to go out and get a job, I will look for a job, I will get a job”.
Project Participant Feedback

“I was a hollow of a man that I never thought I would be. But being brought in to do this play and realistically dealing with these things…I feel more of a human being now than I have for a long time.”
Project Participant Feedback